Colorado Fort Collins Mission

Colorado Fort Collins Mission
Colorado Fort Collins Mission

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Krispy Kremes

September 23, 2014

Hola! That's my Spanish word I learned this week. Just kidding, yo se mucho mas ...(feel free to correct me). Anyway, this was another really long and difficult week. I don't know what I was expecting though. Like I said last week, we have to get creative around here when coming up with fun ways to stay sane. This week, everyone has been stealing spoons from the comedor and then trying to hide them in other elder's clothes without them noticing...We've also been continuing the Rock Paper Scissors for taking the trays tradition. One elder went 3 wins and 15 losses. That's almost mathematically impossible, but I witnessed it with my own eyes. He's now 10 and 17. One night we talked in British, Scottish, Irish, and Australian accents until only one person was left. The last thing we've been doing is singing ridiculous songs, like Take On Me, Beat It, 99 Red Balloons, Love Story... just a bunch of really pitchy songs with notes none of us can hit but we try. On another note (haha pun...), we usually sing a hymn or two a day. I love singing the hymns as a district. I haven't found anything that brings the Spirit faster than singing a hymn. Bruce R. McConkie said that music is the language of the gods, so take that as you will. One last thing about singing, it's really frustrating when I get a song stuck in my head that I haven't heard in literally a year and the lyrics are less than wholesome. Like I don't even like Lil Wayne, and the other song stuck in my head is by Katy Perry and it's virtually unheard of, so I don't know why they're stuck in my head in such a wholesome place. I don't know. Point is, don't put anything in your head that you'll regret. Like a tattoo, everything that we see or hear is forever imprinted in our minds, but not just the bad. Every good act, song, sight, or thought we have is with us forever somewhere in our soul, so fill yourselves with good. K, that's my spiritual, melodramatic bit for the week. 

I am over my illness, so thank you for all of your prayers! Never take for granted your body functioning properly. Just being able to go to class and try to learn Spanish is such a blessing. Speaking of gratitude, Mexico has no concept of breakfast foods. If it's food, it can be eaten for breakfast apparently. We've had tacos, chicken tenders, hot dog chunks in a thick sauce, and this thick tortilla and bean burrito thing...Breakfast is not my favorite meal here, so I have to steal muffins and keep them throughout the day for emergency meals.

One of my roommates said possibly the worst, most ironic and conflicting quote in the history of ever. He was talking about how he was in high school, how he had 3 girlfriends at the same time at 3 different schools, how he would cheat on girls all the time. Then he said "I was always respectful to girls. Other than cheating on them". He also said "I fessed up every time I did it". So a point about the atonement. He said he's not like that anymore. He realized what he was doing was wrong, and he wanted to become a better person. So he did. He saw that he needed a change in his life, so with the help of prayer and the Atonement, he changed how he was as a person. The Atonement is a beautiful thing, and we can all use it to some degree or another. Bad people can become good, and good people can become better. President Monson needs the Atonement daily, just like we all do. Let's utilize this great blessing.

The pictures I have are of a grove of trees here, 
2 huge moths we found down here, 

a greenish blue earthquake zone painted on the street (they're all over, there's like 50), 
this super ghetto bike that one of the workers has that looks like the one in Nacho Libre (which we quote all of the time), 
a week's schedule, 

 and of course, yours truly.

Thanks for the letters, and a very special thanks to the (very unexpected) package of Krispy Kremes I received from the Lemon family! 
Some of you have asked if all you need is my name, and yes, that's all you need. My district is 7A if you want to put that on, but it's not necessary. Thanks for your love and prayers! Talk to you all next week!
With love,
Elder Bacon

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