Colorado Fort Collins Mission

Colorado Fort Collins Mission
Colorado Fort Collins Mission

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Insanely difficult trials...

Monday November 10, 2014

Today was a pretty good week, other than we had one insanely difficult trial: we had to exchange our 2014 Corolla, Rachel, for a 2011 Corolla because of repairs. We named her Bertha since she is way less attractive than a Rachel. Mission life is hard sometimes.

The other insane trial I had this week was I got a cardboard cut on my finger. You think a paper cut hurts? No, cardboard is infinitely worse. 

The weather was amazing this week, and then today we got snow all day and 20 degree weather, so no more sun and nice days for, oh, 4 months or so.

I found out that Eminem is releasing another album soon. How dare he. How dare he take a 3 year hiatus and then release another album after only a year as soon as I leave. My companion advised me to "not listen to his music even when I get back, that'll show him".

After seeing the name of a BBQ place, I've decided on the name of my first child: Bubba Biggins Bacon.

It has gotten to a depressing level when I think about the things that give me joy. I was so excited to try out a new mouthwash I bought. We spent about 4 minutes debating which one to get, based off of the flavor, the cavity protection, the presence of alcohol, the doctor recommendations, etc. 

One of the missionaries in our district had the most brilliant idea of all time. At Chick-fil-A now, they occasionally have receipts with a free chicken sandwich on them if you do a survey, so his idea was to go through the trash and find more. Flawless, right? I think God showed us that that wasn't a good idea when we showed up, went in, and a member visiting from another city offered to buy us lunch. Tender mercy. That also happened when I went into a gelato shop to try and talk to the owner about the gospel. Lesson of the day: the Lord blesses you, sometimes when you have good intentions and sometimes when you have less good intentions, but we are always blessed if we look for it (hypocritical at times coming from me, I know). 

The family we are staying with found out through other missionaries I was only half joking when I was talking about killing their dog. This thing has an ear infection, and when he scratches it, that mixed with the blood mixed with just his natural fragrance is unbearable. He also loves to eat our garbage and make a mess as he does so. I haven't been confronted yet by them  (though I heard they laughed and only have the dog so that their kids wouldn't be sad if it died) but I think they hid the bleach and moved his water bowl somewhere I don't know about. 

Last I checked, I weighed 159, a solid 19 lbs more than when I left 68 days ago (but who's counting?). I guess I need to fatten up for the winter that is now here.

I hope you all like the pictures I took. I tried to take more this week.

The garbage cans are tiny here. And the wind is making me look fat, I promise I'm not that big. Also, it's not a flattering picture.

"Building the Kingdom of God"

A carrot with 5....legs? Stalks? Whatever they're called

Freezing at the food bank

Irony I'm sent here.

More clouds...they're awesome here

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