Colorado Fort Collins Mission

Colorado Fort Collins Mission
Colorado Fort Collins Mission

Monday, September 7, 2015

The Dark Knight

September 7, 2015

What a week. That's probably the first time I've said that. I'll start with the badish news first. Weekends are typically rough in Yuma since everyone seems to go out of town, and this one was particularly uneventful. We tried to visit about 20 families over 2 days, and about 3 were home. I also regret to inform you all that my companion and I had quite a "disagreement"...but, we got that resolved, and I'm honestly surprised and his and my ability to get over things that happened in the past and move on. The next day, things were back to normal after a few hours, and that night we had an appointment with the referral we received. It turns out, we got him as a referral because he clicked that "request a Book of Mormon" button on, so we showed up and hand delivered him one. Then he fired at us a ton of questions about where did it come from, what do we believe, and even "what would I have to do to become a Mormon?". It was awesome. We then invited him to dinner with the members that lived nearby that night, and he came with us to that. There, we met one of their daughter's friends, whose boyfriend just left on his LDS mission (she isn't a member). She has been reading the Book of Mormon and loving it. So out of nowhere, we got 2 free, new, awesome investigators! Their names are Kedric and Paige. I'm so excited to teach them. We have a dinner and lesson with them on Wednesday, so pray for that!

The lesson that I learned this week (well, I've learned it before, but I was reminded) is that Satan always attacks his hardest right before or right after a really spiritual experience. Perfect examples: Joseph Smith and the first vision, Moses and his vision of everything, etc. We had that pretty intense argument the night before, resolved it, and then we were able to teach 2 prepared individuals with the spirit because we had set aside our differences and worked through them. When life seems to be even harder than normal, have the attitude that Satan is throwing his best at you to try and divert you from the good that's coming. As one movie puts it, the night is darkest just before the dawn. Anyway, that helped me get through this week. One more week until transfers, and I have no idea what's going to happen.

We found an old typewriter at the thrift store (that place is a goldmine), so I did a little writing.


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