Colorado Fort Collins Mission

Colorado Fort Collins Mission
Colorado Fort Collins Mission

Monday, December 7, 2015

3rd Banishment in a Row

December 7, 2015

I'm leaving one corner of the mission and going to the other.
Seriously, I'm making the farthest trek on transfer day in the history
of the mission. Unless someone goes from Dubois to Yuma or possibly
Dubois to Boulder, no one can beat my record. I'll be driving or on
the transfer van for about 11 hours. The biggest twist of all: I'm
English speaking this transfer. I have no idea why, and I'm honestly
pretty upset about it. An important event these next few days will be
getting a confirmation that this is actually what the Lord wants and
not just my mission president lashing back at me for something by
banishing me...again. My companion will be Elder Duda, about whom I
have heard nothing but good things, and the area I have also heard
nothing but good things about. The housing is automatically better,
though I will definitely miss some families. I took pictures with a
few favorites.

As far as events go this week, we said bye to Misicel on Tuesday as
she heads to Chihuahua to renew her visa. Going to do donuts at the
church parking lot on P day after some snowfall, we drove up to find
it almost completely plowed (so disappointing), but the snowplow guy
had gotten stuck in his own pile. We helped bail him out and used that
as our excuse for being there. About two thirds of the set lessons
this week cancelled, so that was typical but disappointing. On
Saturday we helped clean out 2 barns for 5 hours. Our branch president
pointed out that these were very similar circumstances to those that
the savior was born in. That was humbling. I've also never shoveled so
much crap in my life. In church yesterday, I was perfectly content
just sitting there and listening to the other testimonies and leaving
semi quietly, but the branch president got up and told everyone it was
my last week and asked me to come up and bear my testimony. The rest
of Sunday was good, just saying bye to families and spending time with
them for the last time. We helped decorate the Shelleys' Christmas
tree and had another amazing dinner with them, followed by going along
with Will's imagination and messing around with him. All in all, a
good week to finish a good run in this area. We'll see what this new
area in the other middle of nowhere holds.

My new address for letters (and USPS packages?):
P.O Box 1462
Lander, WY 82520

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A branch family

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