Colorado Fort Collins Mission

Colorado Fort Collins Mission
Colorado Fort Collins Mission

Monday, February 9, 2015

Freddy's baptism!

February 9, 2015

First things first: Freddy got baptized! And his mom came! It was a great experience to be a part of. I did the confirmation this last Sunday(of course in Spanish) and it was pretty freaking scary, but it went well. It was at least understandable, and the parts that need to be exact like his name I did correctly.

Freddy and his mom with all of the missionaries

Freddy and I

The problem, however, is that the way Freddy and his mom came to the baptism is that they lied to his dad about where they were going so that they could both go (which I neither mentioned nor recommended). He found out that they weren't actually at dinner with anyone, and then...he split. They aren't sure where he went, but he took is stuff and left. It's kind of a constant drama movie with that family, so we're trying to figure things out with them, like finances and stuff like that.

On a bittersweet moment this week, there was nothing better than being in my warm room chillin in my thermals with a scented candle burning studying the scriptures. That room has become my sanctuary, since the rest of the apartment either smells like death or is freezing since they leave the windows open to kill the scent (which doesn't really work since all of Greeley stinks). I don't know how to tell the other companionship that maybe it stinks because 1) the dishes in the sink (shoutout to my college roommates! :) and 2) they probably shouldn't leave a bloody dish of open meat in the fridge and slightly molding onions on the counter. I'm still debating on how to bring this up.

This week and the last week I was working on memorizing my patriarchal blessing, which has been such a blessing in my life. I love being able to go through that in my head no matter where I am. If I can't fall asleep at night, I just go through it until I fall asleep. If you have your patriarchal blessing and don't have it memorized yet, I'd recommend doing that. 

The last question I have is does anyone other than my companion want to be my valentine? Actually I might already have one. That little girl I was talking about last week, Melody, is pretty much in love with me, and she's the most adorable 3 year old I've ever met. I have pics this time too, so now you can all know what I'm talking about.

 $3.46 of the best Chinese food ever


Besties for life

Flattering pic of my right arm

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