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Colorado Fort Collins Mission
Colorado Fort Collins Mission

Monday, February 15, 2016

It's Time to Keep Up the Work Anymore

February 15, 2016

I made this extra long to make up for the past few weeks. Sorry. We had a slightly more productive week than the last one. From making the usual rounds of trying to find less actives that were interested in coming back, having a zone conference, and doing exchanges, it was a pretty full.

I went on exchanges with Elder Schenk, and that was an eye opening experience. Unlike me, he has pretty much been able to work 100% for 100% of his mission. There was never a moment of "well I don't know what to do, let's call it a night". I can't imagine how my mission would have been if I were a missionary like he is, but it would have definitely been more full. But enough of comparing myself to others. I do that enough on my own that I don't need to rant about it to you guys. It was a good exchange, we taught a lot of people, and I got a much needed priesthood blessing. The next day, we got on the transfer van to head down to zone conference, had the 2 hour drive down, had 9 trainings and 4 role plays, and then had a 2 1/2 hour drive back. I was exhausted after that. Those pretty much eat up our day.

We had a family history social/dinner/fireside this week, and we were able to get the Nelsons to come to that. He is an active member of the Lutheran church, and she has been inactive for years, but we got them to come. He is really interested in family history work, so we've been getting him set up with that. We're going to teach him this week why we actually do family history work (vicarious ordinances), and hopefully that will fuel the fire (spark) that he has right now.

One night this week I tried to call dinner, but I mistook a 3 for a 7 and called a different number. The other line said something like "thanks for calling 97.1 hit music station! You're lucky caller number 5! You've won a trip for 2 to the Caribbean! You're.... Blah blah blah". I thought it was a scam and I had dialed the wrong number, so I hung up. It was the wrong number, but then I got to thinking about if maybe I really did win a trip for a cruise and I had hung up. I called back 3 more times that night, and each time the line was busy. So I'm pretty convinced that I turned down a free cruise. Elder Gould and I had a nice discussion about if we would risk leaving the mission for a week to cash in on that had I really won it. Also we met a 107 year old lady this week. She was kind of out of it though. 

We were able to finish off the week with 2 baptisms! Not our own...sorry, I should have said that first. 2 8 year old girls were baptized in the ward this week. It was awesome to go to those, even if it wasn't anyone we had strictly worked with. I got to conduct the 2nd one (I guess this family likes me a lot?). It was just a great way to end the week.

This last paragraph has nothing to do with missionary work and more with my turning into a grammar nerd/analyst. There is this unique linguistic thing that people in Lander and Riverton use that I haven't heard anywhere else before. They substitute the word "anymore" for "now' in places that don't actually grammatically make sense, and I have no idea why. I've heard it at least 4 times. So for example I have heard (verbatim, since I wrote it down immediately after hearing it to make sure I could tell you all since I'm weird like that) "School is like a 5 year degree for most people anymore, but it's still a 4 year degree", (talking about their dog) "She does so well inside anymore that we're not worried about leaving her home", and "It's just a nice little place anymore". None of those make sense, but people still say it a lot. Anyway, now you know. 

My old companion sent me this picture and I thought you would all appreciate it. 

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