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Colorado Fort Collins Mission
Colorado Fort Collins Mission

Monday, February 29, 2016

Vicarious Chickens

February 29, 2016

It was a good end to the transfer. I'm glad that this transfer wasn't
the one with 7 weeks (this upcoming transfer is though, to make up for
the MTC stay time for native English called missionaries changing from
2 weeks to 3). I will be going to Longmont, CO, SPANISH SPEAKING, with
Elder Segovia, covering all of the Spanish work in the zone, with a
Cafe Rio and a Chick-fil-a within driving distance, Ross, Marshalls, a
big city, lots of people, not in banishment again....everything I've
wanted in a transfer. I'm thrilled. Speaking of good food, we were
spoiled with having steak one night and shrimp and lobster another.
Rich members are great.

This week, we heard that 60 Minutes did a piece on the most dangerous
city/area in the United States, and it's not Chicago, not Detroit, not
Compton, but the Wind River Reservation that everyone in our district
covers. It's probably because they don't really have a police force
out there and competing gangs will light peoples' houses on fire if
they want to. It's a pretty sketchy place out there. Speaking of
sketchy things we did, the other elders locked their keys in their
apartment, so we parked their jeep under the window, cut the screen,
and slid open the unlocked window. I've gotten a lot more experience
with breaking into places than I thought I would get.

The unique thing that we did this week was move a bunch of chicken
coops and chickens. I have never moved a chicken before, so that was
an experience. It was fun running around trying to grab them and put
them in houses. We also caught a few turkeys, which were a lot harder
given that they could fly up over the fences and roost on the roofs on
the coops. The members we were helping out told us to pick a chicken
for ourselves so that we could live on vicariously through them (ok,
that was my thought. They just told us to pick one). I was looking
around at the available chickens, and I saw this big, powerful,
masculine, agile, black and metallic green one. Obviously, I thought,
that's the perfect Little Elder Bacon Jr. I start trying to get it,
and it was so fast and temperamental that I couldn't even get it in a
corner. My companion came over to help corral it, it kept running back
and forth between us two, I missed it a time or two, and then my
COMPANION STOLE HIM FROM ME. He stole Little Elder Bacon Jr. Now it is
named after him. I was looking around for a better chicken, couldn't
find one, so the member told me to go get the "pretty, brown one". It
was this pathetic but pretty, small little hen. So now that's my
chicken. The cute, adorable, weak, small, feminine one.

Not Little Elder Bacon Jr., but a random rooster. I couldn't get the other ones out of the pen. 

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