Colorado Fort Collins Mission

Colorado Fort Collins Mission
Colorado Fort Collins Mission

Monday, March 14, 2016

March 14, 2016

These were probably the hardest back to back weeks of my mission. I
don't think I've thought about being home as often my whole mission
other that the first 3 or so months I was out. We have been trying our
best to do everything we need to be doing, and we haven't seen
anything come from it. Other than dinner lessons, we had 23 lessons
scheduled this week. 20 of them didn't happen. Most of the time, we
just showed up and no one was there. So then it was back to finding,
setting lessons with people that acted interested, and then going to
an abandoned house at the time they told us to come by. It has been
discouraging. If I sound bitter this email, it's because I am.

Other negative things:
I forgot how much worse driving in the city is compared to rural
places, like Wyoming. We only almost got in 1 crash this week (her

After a 45 minute discussion about if I was actually candy free for 3
days, it turns out that under a technical definition, fruit snacks are
candy, so I have not been candy free. However, Milky Ways and Snickers
are not candies since they contain flour and are therefore a cookie,
so I might just have to fall back on those.
It's interesting how members here won't say hi to us or acknowledge we
exist in a restaurant or anywhere in public (we counted at least 2
members/families in restaurants that didn't say hi to us and we know
they saw us), unless, of course, we're in Walmart or Target when it's
not P day, and then every member in the world has to come and politely
introduce themselves to us and ask what we're doing here. The day
you're a perfect member, I'll be a perfect missionary, and for your
information, my companion's shoelace broke, that's why we're here.
Mind your own business or offer to pay for our groceries.
I would share about how our investigators are progressing, who they
are, and what I love about them, but seeing as we don't have any of

On the bright side:
My companion and I get along well. We have been helping each other
stay semi happy these past two difficult weeks. His name is Elder
Segovia, he's 26, and he's from Los Angeles. His parents are from El
Salvador, so his Spanish is pretty good.

I saw a girl who was in the MTC with me on Sunday. She just got back
from her mission in Honduras, and she lives in one of the wards we
cover. It's interesting to think that I would be home right now if I
were a sister missionary.

I am way too cool, from the Corolla with the Tiwi, to the borrowed Arizona, and let's not forget the shoulder bag.


 My mission yo 

Walking around town in a pink, onesie pajamas with groceries? Sure.

 SOOO freaking Mexican

Easiest way to spot a Mormon family in public.

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