Colorado Fort Collins Mission

Colorado Fort Collins Mission
Colorado Fort Collins Mission

Monday, March 28, 2016

March 28, 2016

This will be short. I have no excuse.

Our lesson with the Flores got cancelled because their son stopped
living at home. We caught them later in the week and invited them to
watch the Women's session of conference. We've gotten a lot of
referrals all over the place, so we've been busy running around
contacting those. I did exchanges with another elder, and that
was...interesting. We saw on the news about Brussels getting attacked,
and he proposed the idea that the missionary that got injured is
actually a terrorist since he was at 2 other attacks. He defended this
argument for the following 20 minutes. This mission has some
interesting people in it.

We knocked on a door this week and heard them say through the window
"it's church people!" We waited for like 2 minutes, knocked again, and
then heard them say "they're still here!" I shouted "we're the church
people!" When they still wouldn't answer, I started making a mini
snowman on their porch for another 2 minutes. They refused to open the
door, so we left. Just tell us to go away, geez.

Our members also gave us an Easter egg hunt, and we also went with
them Saturday night to "egg" houses, leaving eggs all over the yard
and on the trees. It snowed so much one day this week that we couldn't
leave the house, so we made a snowman elder.

Making tamales

 These birds making out.


Our members' dog.

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