Colorado Fort Collins Mission

Colorado Fort Collins Mission
Colorado Fort Collins Mission

Monday, June 6, 2016

7 Weeks x 70 It Feels Like

April 11, 2016

We had some really good things happen this week. First off, we had our
first 2 English classes this week. We had around 15 people come to the
first one and probably 10 come to the second one. I had learned this
rule before in past areas, but it slipped my mind: never have someone
teach English class that you haven't had a conversation with in
Spanish. It was incredibly frustrating for me to hear them telling the
students constantly that they were mispronouncing words when they
themselves were saying some of the most gringo, grammatically
incorrect Spanish I've heard. I'm grateful that they have all of the
materials to be teaching as well as the experience, but it was an hour
of biting my tongue and letting them do their thing. Anyway, just had
to get that off my chest. Now it's my job to focus on making
friendships with the students and getting them to the point where they
want to ask us questions about what we do as missionaries and why we
do it.

The second great thing was that we finally got the Flores family set
to a soft baptismal invitation, which just means that they agreed that
if they come to know that everything is true that they will be
baptized. I don't know why it has taken this long to get that, but we
got it resolved now. Now we just need to focus on helping them receive
that testimony by their own efforts. A lot of the lessons that we
taught this week with them were focused on helping their 18 year old
son who is a little rebellious. We shared a talk on the prodigal son,
about do all you can, then love and let go if they make that decision
for themselves.

The not so great thing this week is that we ended on a bad note. We
went tracting one day, things were going mediocre, we stopped by one
lady's house, and we had a lesson with her. For whatever reason, I got
so frustrated during that lesson and came off as contentious. I was
trying to show her that God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy
Ghost are 3 separate beings by reading about Christ's baptism, and she
still was convinced that they were really all the same person and that
God can be all 3 of them at different times or something like that. I
don't know, it still didn't make any sense to me, but maybe that's
just because I've grown up knowing that's not true. Anyway, we
continued, then we got into a pointless discussion about whether the
Sabbath day was actually Saturday or Sunday, to which we didn't come
to a conclusion because it would have taken too much time and wasn't
vitally important. She agreed to read from the Book of Mormon and pray
about it. She wasn't offended or upset by anything we said, but my
companion was mad that I was so contentious. While he was right, I
wasn't really in the mood to hear that, so we had a lovely discussion
on the walk back to the car and had an enjoyable rest of the day. It
happens. We move on and forget about it, and I try not to be so
contentious. It works out.

On final notes, the lesson with the 2 sisters we found last week
didn't happen, along with a ton of other lessons, and we're now
entering week 7 of this transfer. I'll find out what's happening this
Saturday. I will also have my address changed regardless in the next
week or so, so send mail to the mission office to be safe.

Soooo Mexican

The breakfast of champions

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