Colorado Fort Collins Mission

Colorado Fort Collins Mission
Colorado Fort Collins Mission

Monday, June 20, 2016

Change of Pace

April 25, 2016

We finally saw some success from all of our finding efforts this week. I'll get to that a little later one.
This week we drove out to Frederick to try and contact some referrals from other elders, and on the way back we saw a lady that was stopped on the side of the road that needed a tire changed. Normally there is a man panhandling there, and I was shocked and really touched to see that he was the man helping this woman change her tire. It was evidence to me did some people really are just in a bad situation and are actually trying their best to find work and be able to help people. This man fell into that category. He was doing what he could at that moment to help someone else out, and it was a powerful experience. It reminds me of the counsel in Mosiah 4 to help out those in need regardless of if we think that they have brought their fate upon themselves or not. 

Although nothing really changes with transfers as far as the area or companion goes, we had to move out from the Steeds' and move to a different house in another ward. It was difficult to say bye to them and to Nala, and Sister Steed cried because she now considers herself our mother, but we've had a good moving experience at our new place and we will still see the Steeds about once a month for dinner. 

English classes are going pretty well. We seem to have a "discussion" with the members that teach the class every week about what is the best route to go. Last Thursday they were gone, so I taught the class, and unfortunately it went right over a lot of their heads. As far as appointments go, this week we had one lesson with the Flores family and then the second one got canceled. Roberto Sosa canceled, and Sarah and her sister (the two ladies from Guatemala) told us that they were both content with their church. After receiving a referral from some other English elders, we showed up at the referral's house, briefly talked to him, and he let us in. We then had an awesome first lesson with him, talked about some of his questions and concerns, and directed him to a chapter in the Book of Mormon about how to be a good example for his son and a better father, which is what he told us he wanted to learn about. It's nice to be able to rely on the Book of Mormon to be able to answer any question and to be able to direct people to chapters that can answer their questions. His name is Daniel, and we are going to teach him next Saturday.

My companion I also had a good companionship inventory, which is basically when you talk about any problems or concerns you have as far as the companionship goes. We really opened up to each other, and this helped us learn how we can best help each other and both improve ourselves and the work in our area. At the end of transfer he'll have been the companion I have been with the longest.

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