Colorado Fort Collins Mission

Colorado Fort Collins Mission
Colorado Fort Collins Mission

Monday, August 24, 2015

August 18, 2015

This week was better than last week, that's for sure. We had a really good zone conference that I came away from actually feeling a sincere desire to change and be better, which is the point of those but it has rarely happened in my experience. The downside to the zone conference was that we got the tiwis in our cars, the "black boxes" that monitor how we drive, where we drive, what time we drive, etc. It's nice to have Steven Hawking tell me to slow down now. The other low point of this week was when I found a mirror that helps you see your face up really close outside of the thrift store, had my back to the sun, and, like an ant with a magnifying glass, concentrated the sun on my face for just long enough to burn it. No permanent damage, but I felt pretty stupid afterwards. 

In church this week, a sister missionary who served in the Yuma branch 5 years ago came back with her husband to visit. Her and a member of the branch left in the middle of Sunday school to go and talk outside for a little bit, and no one knew why but didn't pay much attention. Later they came back in with tears in their eyes and told us that they realized that Brother Mortensen was the missionary serving in Pennsylvania who baptized her family when she was 7, and now years later she served in the area and met him 5 years after that in tiny little Yuma Colorado. It was a really cool moment to see that. The effects of our efforts really will all be shown to us at some point, whether in this life or the next. 

For P-Day, and the reason that I didn't send this out until today, we went down to Greeley with a less active who is going to college there in 3 days to help him move some stuff into his apartment and then we played volleyball with some missionaries and friends down there. It was awesome, especially since the weather was perfect, alternating between really hot, cloudy, rainy, hot, cloudy, etc. 

Thanks to all of the friends and family that sent me some encouraging and uplifting words. It means a lot to know there are people that care even though they may literally be halfway around the world. 

I got bacon soda, I got bacon soda

My mission president in all his glory and terror

Friends and I in front of the temple

Comp and I

Colorado (this was outside in someone's front yard, in their dog's cage. 
Remember that dog that could jump like 4 feet?)

A turtle we found in the road and "saved"

Volleyball with missionaries and friends

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