Colorado Fort Collins Mission

Colorado Fort Collins Mission
Colorado Fort Collins Mission

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Diamonds in the Rough

September 28, 2015

First things first: we set Misiel with a baptismal date for the 10th of October! I'm so excited for her. It'll be pretty much a miracle if it goes through and everything works out since we still have to teach her all of the commandments in the next 4 days so that she can be interviewed in time, but this is the only date that works until December 5th (when she possibly will have to go back to Chihuahua. It's sometime in December, but I'm not sure the exact date). Hopefully things will work out. 

That was definitely the highlight for this week, but what came close were the amazing finds at thrift stores. That baptist thrift store was a goldmine. They had an original Nintendo Entertainment System there! I've never been so tempted in my life. I also tried on, but didn't buy, some incredibly stylish, though probably female, articles of clothing. Of course I have pictures. There was also another shirt that I was going to buy, but since I'm broke, I didn't have money. We'll go back after we get paid on Wednesday. 

This week I was saved by a box of candy I got for free. It was the perfect snack. What happened is last transfer I bought a thing of candy that claimed to have about 24 pieces in it and there were only 15. So being the cheap person that I am, I emailed them about it, they apologized, and sent me a box with 8 of them in it. Not the healthiest diet, but I was running low on food and was sick of Ramen. 

Due to the perfect weather this week, we walked around town and asked stores if we could post flyers for English class in their windows/doors. We posted around 30, so we'll see if more people show up this week. Oh, I also hit my year mark about a year ago, I "forgot" to mention it. 

There were 2 other funny stories that happened this week. We were at a member dinner, and the parents had to tell their 4 year old that he needed to stop acting like he was Jesus and Heavenly Father. They were thrilled he was gospel oriented, but maybe just a taaad blasphemous. I thought it was adorable. There was also another story about circumcision, but it's a little too long to type and maybe a little less than appropriate for this email, but email me if you want it!

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