Colorado Fort Collins Mission

Colorado Fort Collins Mission
Colorado Fort Collins Mission

Monday, October 26, 2015

Los Atrapadores de Mariposas (The Catchers of Butterflies)

October 12, 2015

Twas a good week, though we didn't have anything different happen. We had 2 lessons with Misiel this week, finishing up the commandments and the first half of lesson 5. She's good on all of the commandments including tithing, which is usually the hangup from what I've seen. On Thursday we had interviews with the mission president, and I survived those again. That shirt that I wanted last week was still at the thrift store, so now I have the look of a flamboyant cowboy down. It's a sick shirt though... I have to say that the highlight of this week was our butterfly chasing session. We tried visiting this family, but unfortunately they weren't home. Outside they had a ton of really bright flowers, and there were monarch butterflies everywhere. Disappointed from them dodging us, we had a little escapade of trying to catch butterflies in our hands. There were a few times when I was able to coax them onto my hand, and one time where I actually caught one straight out of the air like Gandolf in Lord of the Rings. Pics for proof. Sorry this is so short, my mind is just going blank on what happened this week. 

Yay! A butterfly!

The goal here was to take a picture of all of the butterflies flying away when he scared them by jumping over, but instead I got a picture of his epic leap.

 My companion's reaction when he realized that I literally snatched this right out of the air.

Ruined my day. Shopko parking lot.

Yes or no?

Another beautiful sunset

 Unfortunately, too cute to not send. I don't even like cats.

My second good picture of me with kittens.

She owns 15.

Sofia and I. She's a little bashful.

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