Colorado Fort Collins Mission

Colorado Fort Collins Mission
Colorado Fort Collins Mission

Monday, October 26, 2015

Setbacks and Shaving

October 20, 2015

My iPad hasn't been sending some emails lately, so hopefully you all get this. And hopefully I'm getting your emails...I guess there's no real way to know. Anyway.
To be honest, this was a rough week. We had a really bad experience tracting that left us both pretty mad and disheartened. This one lady and her son let us in their house, we started with the restoration, and then as soon as we said the words "Joseph Smith", she went off on us. After about 20 minutes of "discussing" things back and forth and having 2 more of her friends randomly show up and then back her up, we decided that it was pretty futile to continue talking. She refused a Book of Mormon and refused to read it for herself. We asked her to say a closing prayer before we left, and she said "please help these confused young men to find the truth". I was so mad. She was the most passively aggressive, hardhearted woman I've met on my mission. We also had an investigator totally dodge us, but then as we were putting up English class flyers in shops we ran into her and she totally knew she was busted. We played it off and told her it's all good, but I don't think we'll be wasting time with her.
Misiel also didn't come to church, though I guess she technically could have. She had gotten off of a 12 hour shift Sunday morning at 8, so I can't really blame her for not wanting to come to church. We have a lesson with her tonight, so that should be good. We also have dinner tonight with Paige's family.
I still tried to find the good in the week, part of which was taking a little break to climb up a silo of some sort and take some selfies. Don't mind my companion's partial beard; his razor legitmately broke this week, and he feels bad using mine even though I told him there's absolutely no problem. He got a new one though. Our lesson with the Carballos went well. The mom asked a lot of questions, some of which either didn't make sense or I had no idea how to answer, like where do ghosts fit into the plan of salvation and stuff like that. I can't believe that it's almost Halloween. My trainer also goes home at the end of next transfer, which is a kind of mind blowing event. I never thought I'd see that happen.
Transfers are next week, so we'll see if I stay 6 months in Yuma or go somewhere else.

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