Colorado Fort Collins Mission

Colorado Fort Collins Mission
Colorado Fort Collins Mission

Monday, November 16, 2015

Rough Stone (of Momentum) Rolling

November 16, 2015

We had such a sick week. First, we had an awesome lesson with one of
the new families we found this week, and then we set up a return
appointment for the next day. Shocker: everyone did the reading we
left except one person. We then had great back to back lessons on
Tuesday, one with that same family and one with 2 other people. The
boyfriend of those 2 wasn't too interested, but the girlfriend told us
that she had had a really spiritual experience a few weeks ago where
she was told that she needed to exercise her faith and open her eyes.
Then when we showed up on her porch, she said it surprised her and
made her really think. She said that she was excited to read the Book
of Mormon. I have a really good feeling about those two families.

The third family I'm on the fence about. The husband asked us a ton of
really weird questions, but a lot of them stemmed from the fact that
like 5 of his uncles murdered 2 of his aunts...yeah, I had to ask a
few times to make sure I heard him right. He has a lot of confusion
and doubt about repentance and forgiveness because of that (his uncles
claim they've repented even though they don't live their lives any
differently, so he wonders why they would get a second chance). Other
than that, we had another pretty good lesson with a family, but those
were the highlights. 

What a spiritual night. We had the whole thing in Spanish, with English translation for the members that didn't speak Spanish. We got a family we've been working with for awhile to come to the baptism, and Paige was also able to come. We wish her family had come, because Paige was telling us how differently this baptism felt compared to the ones they've done in her church. With the confirmation on Sunday, she officially became a member, and we have no intention of having her slow down. I had a feeling that she would make an awesome ward missionary (and we don't have one still), so I pitched that idea to the mission leader and branch president and they thought it would be good. For reteaching the lessons to recent converts, we had her teach us the plan of salvation. Haha it was pretty funny to see her teach it to us pretty much exactly how we taught it to her, complete with her stopping in the middle of her train of thought and saying "oh, I almost forgot, can we have to start with a prayer?"  That always slips my mind. But she taught it so well! It was awesome. She's also coming with us to our lesson tonight (member present lesson!) with the family of 6, and we'll be having dinner there. She's a cook, so...I'm stoked, to say the least.

She's so short that she had to roll up the legs on this one since it was the smallest one that fit and wasn't a child's size haha.

More flattering, less expectant.

Gold found in the area book.

Thank you, Siri.

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