Colorado Fort Collins Mission

Colorado Fort Collins Mission
Colorado Fort Collins Mission

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Field is Literally White and Already Harvested

November 9, 2015

It. Snowed. I was so upset. But then it melted, so all is good in the
world. I thought I wanted it to snow, but then it did and I remembered
how dark and dreary and cold the world gets.

However, the field is also metaphorically white and ready to harvest.
We found a family of "lost members" this week when I was on exchanges
with Elder Bingham again so he could do Misciel's baptism. At first we
went to their rental home, which was populated by 3 cats, 2 big dogs,
and 3 donkeys. I was sketched out the whole time walking up to that
house they they were going to bite or kick me, but fortunately nothing
happened. At the second lost member's house, we were walking up and
saw a completely naked man through the window. We quietly ran back to
the car, got in, flashed the lights, got out, locked the car twice so
that the horn would honk, and then knocked. He opened the door, and,
keeping my eyes fixed on his face and trying to not let my peripheral
vision betray me, I asked him if he knew anything about who we were
looking for. He didn't, and told us we weren't welcome, to "kick
rocks" (is that a figure of speech I've never heard before?), and if
we hit his dog we were gonna have problems. We left. Oh, he also put
on jean cutoffs before opening the door(shoutout to Tobias F√ľnke!), so
that was nice of him. We got ice cream with Misciel before the
baptismal interview to try and forget about that lovely scene. Her
baptism is this Saturday!

The middle of the week was pretty slow, having problems like the water
being shut off without letting us know first so that we couldn't leave
the apartment since we didn't bathe, but we decided to spend some time
digitalizing the area book. Holy cow, that's going to take forever. We
spent like 2 hours and got through maybe 1/10th of what there is to
do. Fortunately though, as the weather gets colder, I'll probably be
more and more keen to spend time inside typing away.

On Sunday, I finally mustered the desire to go tracting after the last
horrible rejection. Street contacting > tracting. It's just that there
are like 2 streets main in Yuma. Anyway, we actually had some success!
We met two awesome new families whose last names escape me, but
they're great! With one of them, we started talking to the kids and
challenged them to a game of pool that they had sitting outside on the
porch. For the record, I was 3-0. Also for the record: they were like
10-14 and 17 years old. We have a lesson with them tonight and the
other one this Wednesday, with a lesson on Tuesday with another new
family this week. Work is somehow picking up in this town I thought
had already been tracted out!

Random miracle: This morning when we were in Fort Morgan, I distinctly
smelled peanut butter in the air. Apparently to everyone else it was
the same smell as always, sugar beets/burning cow blood, but I got
peanut butter, so that was a nice relief. My nose was tripping.
However, in the afternoon it went back to cow blood for me too. Yay.

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