Colorado Fort Collins Mission

Colorado Fort Collins Mission
Colorado Fort Collins Mission

Friday, June 5, 2015

May 4, 2015

I'll be honest, we broke the rules this week...we did more than 10 hours of service.
We probably did around 20. We were working a lot with the Williams family, a less active family that the branch president specifically asked us to work with and try to teach the missionary lessons to. They sort of pushed those to the side, but they did let us help them remove a ton of branches from their backyard and set up a brick barrier for a garden. We also helped out at an event for the Kentucky Derby and that was...interesting. First, I didn't know that there were fancy hats for this event. Second, everyone got really drunk, and we got to shuttle them all to their that illegal letting someone drive if you know they're wasted? Literally one grandma put her car in the ditch, so Elder Gaspar de Alba (MTC comp) sat on the back of the car (since he's literally 300 lbs)to get the tires back down and I pushed her out. Gaspar also got beer spilled on him as a blonde girl fell out of her chair into his lap while we were taking our lunch break, and she was...attractive to say the least. That would have been fun to explain to the mission president. Other highlights include finally getting our MSF money and having 3 of the 4 of us spend more than half within the first 2 days and having it rain so hard one day on the freeway that I couldn't see (it was like someone was spraying a hose 2 feet from the windshield, it was insane). Low points include losing my marked up Book of Mormon (I was in 3 Ne 16 or so) and learning that they're probably going to sweep out the branch due to getting Casper and Riverton next transfer, so who knows where I'm going. 
I do have pics this week, though a lot of them are not very flattering...oh well.

 District pic

 Very faint double rainbow

 Me with rainbow, it was windy

 shot taken from the freeway after the storm

gotta love church signs that make 0 sense

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