Colorado Fort Collins Mission

Colorado Fort Collins Mission
Colorado Fort Collins Mission

Friday, June 5, 2015

June 2, 2015

This week I think could be summarized by me learning a lot of lessons. Like how to remove leeches, golf, play pool, lessons about myself, etc. 

So yes, I got a leech this week when I waded 4 inches into a lake to get further out. We heated up some pliers and squeezed it gently so that it would release its grip on my foot but not too hard so it wouldn't explode inside me or something. Maybe that was God telling me not to push the limit on the rule to not go swimming, I don't know. We caught a bunch of huge fish though, so it was worth it. Pics included on both. 

We also had a great lesson with the less active we went with, Justin, and we've seen a lot of progress with him. He has no other friends, so his mom loves it when we are able to go out and just spend time with him. She's also less active, so we're working a lot with their whole family. 

An investigator named Wilson from Nicaragua got impaled by a 2x4 as it shot out at him during his work at the sawmill, and we were able to give him a really awesome blessing. He's recovering well, but what was most important was how he felt during the blessing as he was feeling the spirit. Despite that, he wouldn't answer the door the next time we came by and we know he was there...though we did have 2 other lessons with him after that, so who knows. I'll try to get a picture of his wound next time I'm there.

I also got to do exchanges with the zone leaders down in Laramie, and I have mixed feelings about that. We taught as many attractive girls in one day as I have seen total in 3 weeks in Saratoga, being a college town of 30,000 vs all 1690 people here in Toga, so yeah, my mission goggles are getting pretty ridiculous. 

Summer is finally here after about 3 straight weeks of rain and rain and clouds and rain, and with it came some pretty horrendous allergies that I almost forgot I had. 

One thing in particular that I remember from the iPad training was when they were talking about how we can use technology for gospel related tasks and he gave the example of Elder Nelson pulling out his smartphone and asking Siri to define Atonement. Give it a shot, and then look at the sources. The majority of them, as well as the first few, are from, and that's because the church has put a ton of money into having a presence on the internet. We can do the same wherever we are in the world or however small or large of a presence we have. Satan wants to take and use the internet for his purposes, just like he wants to do with everything else, so it is up to us to fight back.

Looking back over this email it was pretty dry and really random, so I apologize. I hope the amount of pictures makes up for it.

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