Colorado Fort Collins Mission

Colorado Fort Collins Mission
Colorado Fort Collins Mission

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

July 20. 2015

I apologize for not sending out an email last week. Nothing significant has really happened haha. We had interviews with president again and those went alright. Zone meeting was good. It was nice to be back in Greeley and Windsor and see some people before we left. 

I found out this week the reason why so many of our investigators have problems being able to come to church. A lot of them all work for the same company, Murphy Brown, one of the largest pork distributors in the U.S. and the world, and they are only here in the U.S. because of their work visas. So, if they miss work on Sundays to go to church, they get fired and then have to go back to Mexico, Guatemala, etc. It's kind of hard to convince them to come to church with those conditions. However, we were able to get another investigator named Efrain that we haven't worked with as much in the past to come to church. We also found out that his wife (who is a less active member) has been visiting with the Jehovah's Witnesses and other missionaries or members of other churches and has been really confused as of late what to believe. They all came to church this week as a family and I was the one who translated for them. My Spanish gets really good after that hour, but my brain is completely fried by the end as well.

Other things that happened this week include some beautiful sunsets, exchanges down in Fort Morgan, helping a transient and his 4 daughters find food and a house, a buffet amount of food for just 3 people, and eating a chicken heart. It tasted like chicken, and that's not just because that's the saying, but was a chicken heart. It was really tough meat and gross just thinking about, but you wouldn't tell the difference if you didn't know what it was. 

 The saddest park I have ever seen just a few miles short of the mission boundary.

 Gorgeous sunsets.

 A gift from my MTC comp, Gaspar de Alba. We have resolved our differences, I think it's safe to say haha


 Comida con Martha y su familia.

 Dinner with an older German lady that made way too much food.

Way too much food for 3 people.

The double rainbow I missed when I was on exchanges.

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