Colorado Fort Collins Mission

Colorado Fort Collins Mission
Colorado Fort Collins Mission

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

June 15, 2015

Here goes my unstrung, unrelated train of thoughts.

For P-day we went up the canyon to Snowy Range, accurately named, climbed a few thousand vertical feet with sleds, took pics, and sledded (is that the past tense of sled?) down. I was so winded from the elevation gain that we only went up and down once. I was also dumb enough to go down face first so that my hands were getting cut up by the icy snow. All in all it was fun but a little taxing. 

We had a zone conference, and we got to see part of the training to the new area seventies given by the 12 this last conference. The theme was Sabbath Day Observance. This isn't a direct quote, but it's pretty close: "The First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve has determined that a training on the importance of Sabbath Day observance would hasten the work of salvation more than anything else, including policy changes or doctrinal trainings." Wow.

I might have ruined the mood of the meeting when I mad a comment about tagging things on the iPad. They asked me to come up to show everyone how to do it by hooking my iPad up to the projector. I did so and then said "ok, so you pick a verse", then was randomly clicking through to find a verse, and it was Philippians 3:3 which reads "For we are the circumcision, which worship God in the spirit, and rejoice in Christ Jesus, and have no confidence in the flesh.". I just went with it andsaid "so if your investigator has a question about circumcision, you just highlight the word circumcision, tag it as circumcision, and then can pull it up under that tab anytime after that" with a straight face and no inflection in my voice. Then another elder sent me an iMessage that said "Go Bacon!" and it of course popped up on the projector at the top of my screen. I didn't even look at my mission president to see his face. But hey, I didn't purposely pick that verse, so I think it was divinely inspired. 

After the training we went to dinner and did some service picking up railroad ties (the huge wood pillars that go underneath the railroad) so that he could make a dog house out of them. Unfortunately, some of them were rotted out, so we would turn them over and see a bunch of mice and their mice babies run out of the cracks. I had the fun experience of picking one up, putting it up about 1 foot from my face, and having a mouse come up out of a crack by my hands. Not cool. Maybe that's karma.

Other highlights include some sketchy tornadoes in our mission (not near me, but pic included), finding a thrift shop we somehow overlooked here in Saratoga, and a little boy and girl having a roaring contest, the girl won, and the boy pouted and said "you hurt my ears!". My allergies have also made me contemplate taking my eyes out and being blind for the rest of my life, they itch that much. 

"and now your citizens"

The Hobbit

I'm gonna pop some tags

Yuma tornadoes

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