Colorado Fort Collins Mission

Colorado Fort Collins Mission
Colorado Fort Collins Mission

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

June 22, 2015

Difficult yet fun week, due to a lot of different reasons. Comp issues, allergies, lenient firework laws in Wyoming, the usual. 

I saw a small miracle this week as I went dumpster diving for a receipt for my allergy medicine that didn't work, and after saying a prayer I somehow found it and didn't even get my tie dirty (that's my measuring stick for how bad it was). We also did dirty work this week when we helped with an annual inspection on an airplane. My companion is a pilot and an airplane fanatic, and I basically just did whatever they all told me to and felt out of the loop.
On exchanges in Rawlins, I got to do service at the state penitentiary (it's a museum now, so no inmates or prison shanks), and we got the tour afterwards. The tour guide said it's always cool to have ex-inmates come back for the tour, and that blew my mind. After all the teaching we do about the atonement, it shouldn't be that surprising, but having some hardcore convicts come back being happily married would be a sight to see. Lunch that day was paid for by a Utah Youth Rugby coach that was passing through Rawlins with his team. It was great to see so many people from Utah, plus the $60 cash he gave us was nice. Members are the best as a missionary. 

On exchanges with the zone leaders, I was with Elder Moala from LA, and we went out to the middle of nowhere (not hard to find) and had a roman candle war late at night. It was so sick. We also went again as a district, and this time I made the mistake of shooting one at someone that had a bigger roman candle that shot exploding sparks a lot farther than mine did. He chased me down, and I tripped in a cow grate and ate it pretty hard. Fortunately my ankle and all that is fine, but I still felt pretty stupid. It was fun though. 

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