Colorado Fort Collins Mission

Colorado Fort Collins Mission
Colorado Fort Collins Mission

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July 27, 2015

This will be the last week of the transfer here in Yuma. We find out where everyone is going on Saturday. My guess is that I will be staying and Elder Navarro will be leaving, but we never can be too sure. Anyway, this week was good! I got to go to Greeley to see the baptism of Mauricio. This guy has been fighting for so long to get baptized. He is on probation still because of a clerical error 13 years ago, so he had to get interviewed by the mission president and then the First Presidency itself. They gave him clearance, so after 9 months of being at church more consistently than half of the members of the branch, overcoming smoking, and doing everything he can to get his life in order, he was finally baptized. It was so special. There were also so many missionaries there since so many of us have worked with him. It was awesome to see everyone after so long, especially since a lot of them are going home in the next 7 weeks. It's going to be hard to see them go. 

The downside to being in Greeley is that I somehow lost my glasses...yeah. I have no idea where they would be or how I will get them back, but your prayers would be appreciated. On a less selfish note, your prayers for our investigators to be able to come to church and be receptive to the spirit would also be really appreciated.

We had some pretty crazy thunderstorms this week. In Sterling, a town an hour away, they had golf ball sized hail. Fortunately we avoided that. This next week we have a ton of service planned, so we're going to be keeping ourselves busy. We have 2 porches to paint, someone to help add onto their house, feeding old folks, walking other old folks around the pond, service at the Community Cupboard, English class...we'll be busy.

To close, a funny story that I heard from members this week. The wife's mom served a mission in a part of Mexico not far from her home in Chihuahua (since it was so hard to get visas, they usually served their missions only one geographical mission away), and her boyfriend got called to the same mission. They were either engaged at the time or they got engaged while both on their missions, but anyway, they were engaged on their missions and spent quite a lot of time together. Then, another missionary in her mission proposed to her, and so she broke it off with her boyfriend and got engaged to this guy instead. The mission president must have been having a mental breakdown at that point. Anyway, they ended up getting married and still are, so I guess somehow that worked out ok? 

Well, have a great week! Do member missionary work the best you can (unless you're also on a mission, and then just keep doing what you're doing)!

Freaky almost border hopping dog
Baptism of Mauricio

Some of the Spanish homies

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