Colorado Fort Collins Mission

Colorado Fort Collins Mission
Colorado Fort Collins Mission

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

July 6, 2015

Since I'm sending this from my iPad and it doesn't have my list of
contacts in a group, I might not have sent this to everyone, so
forgive me (though I guess if you didn't get this you also didn't get
my apology).

Kind of crazy week. Let me explain.

We helped a long time member family of the ward move out, and it was
really sad to see them go. I hardly knew them, but everyone is going
to miss them. They're the second family in 2 weeks to leave, and this
is a ward with maybe 10 families, so it took a pretty big chunk of the
ward out.

It was really hot all week until yesterday when it was stormy and
cooler. That was a relief. For p day we played basketball and sting
pong, and unfortunately I kind of lost this time. My back definitely
had more hits. I won't include a picture since I'm ashamed.
Though I wasn't in Wyoming for the 4th, the fireworks were still
awesome. Since we live in the middle of nowhere, the rules on how
close we could get to the city fireworks were pretty lax, so we were
about 50 yards away from where they were lighting them off. They were

While the rising generation of the church is going to be the most
righteous and strong yet, the rising generation of the world...I
worry. We were with an investigator family, and one of the kids (a
neighbor, thankfully) was in the way for me to grab something I
needed, so I put my fists up like we were going to fight. He's like
10. He did the same, we were both smiling and laughing, throwing fake
punches, then I got what I needed and turned around to sit down. He
punched me, I turned around and said something like "are you serious?
Cmon, let's chill out, we were just joking around", and he was
laughing and smiling still. There was more messing around, but he
didn't know when to stop. I left, him still punching me, I sat down,
he came over and smacked me in the face and called me some pretty vile
words. Then his friend told him to stop, he wouldn't, they started
fighting with towels trying to snap each other, and then the 10 year
old goes and grabs 2 knives. What the freak? I said alright stop,
let's all just chill out. Things eventually calmed down, and then we
left to be safe. No one was stabbed, but seriously? This is the world
we live in?

I hope you all had a good 4th and enjoyed 3ish weeks worth of pictures!

To clarify some worries, the corona box is the box where all of our
commissary goes. That's the box it was in when I arrived in Yuma. I
just thought it was ironic. I'm not sacrificing missionary pamphlets
to the heathen gods of beer or anything, no worries

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